Blackjack Dealer  (Part Time, Swing Shifts)
Department: Gaming

Position:            Blackjack Dealer 

Department:      Blackjack

Reports to:        Blackjack Supervisor

Summary:  Deal Blackjack in accordance with Casino and department procedures.  Control players and game action keeping focused on Guest service, games protection, accuracy, and speed. 

Duties and Responsibilities:  Specific areas of responsibility included, but not limited to:

  • Adhere to all Casino and department policies and procedures.

  • Follow department and Casino attendance expectations including, but not limited to, clocking in/out, reporting to work on time, and working various assigned shifts demonstrating flexibility and reliability.

  • Report to work in complete uniform and good personal hygiene.

  • Report any pertinent game information with incoming dealer.

  • Control players and game speed.

  • Pay off winning bets and collect losing bets accurately to protect Casino assets.

  • Call supervisor for any game irregularities, questions, or decisions.

  • Regularly interact with all Blackjack Team Members as necessary (i.e. communicate concerns, solicit decisions, etc.).

  • Communicate tactfully with Guests to maintain a friendly, fun atmosphere.

  • Tactfully handle stressful and difficult situations with Guests and other Team Members.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of Blackjack and appropriate guidelines for table games.

  • Consistently comply with Casino, department and all regulatory requirements.

  • Ensure game protection, efficient game pace, payout accuracy and speed.

  • Attend all meetings and training as required.

  • Acknowledge Guests when they sit down at a table.  Always greet Guests, use their name, if known, and wish them luck.

  • Dealers must always appear approachable, with pleasant body language, and a smile, even when at dead tables. 

  • Acknowledge Guests when they are walking by, whenever possible.

  • Thank all Guests for tips and toke bets, verbally and with eye contact.

  • Make every attempt to exceed the Guest’s expectations and to create a memorable experience.

  • Inform Guests of Blackjack or casino-wide promotions.

  • When Guests leave tables, thank them for playing.

  • Follow all practical and common Blackjack protocol.


  • Mandatory Requirements:

  • One year Blackjack Dealer experience or has completed an accredited training course.

  • Ability to pass a math test.

  • Ability to read and speak English.

  • Possess sound, mature judgment.

  • Must have professional appearance.

  • Must be dexterous and have good hand coordination.

  • Must be able to work in a smoking environment.

  • Must pass a live audition.

  • Must be able to deal from a 6-deck shoe.

  • Must be able to deal to an average of 250 spots/hour (50 hands/hour with 4 spots each hand).

  • Must be able to stand or sit for long periods of time.

  • Must be able to work all shifts including weekends, holidays, evenings, and special events.

  • Must be able to spend significant amount of time twisting and turning in a 180- degree angle with both upper extremities extended across gaming table.

  • Must be able to operate basic equipment (automatic shuffler).

  • Must have employment eligibility in the U.S.

  • Must obtain a valid gaming license.

  • Must attend State, Federal, Tribal, Casino, and Department mandatory trainings and pass any applicable testing.



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