People & Culture Business Partner (Closes 6/14/2020)  (Full Time)
Location: San Antonio, TX

DESCRIPTION:  The San Antonio River Authority seeks to hire a People and Culture Business Partner who manages all aspects of our culture and internal communications programs. We believe every relationship, to include employment relationships, are based on attraction to types. We find it important set the stage for a successful partnership by communicating who we are and the type of candidate we seek to join our team.




You look for an organization that is guided by core values like Integrity, Excellence, and Stewardship. You’re attracted to an organization that is made up of extremely passionate and purpose-oriented people. Your ideal organization is one that has a foundation built on trust and transparency. Engaging in meaningful work that responds to organizational and community needs while staying true to a mission that promotes improvement and protection of our natural environment is what you desire for your picture-perfect organization.


While salary isn’t everything, you’d like to work for organization that offers a competitive compensation package with great benefits dedicated to optimizing a better you! You look for an organization that sees their people as their most valuable asset. Your ideal organization to work for is one that has a philosophy that focuses on investing in their people on both a professional and personal level.  


You admire an organization where everyone’s expertise and skill is valued and expectations for continuing to excel as an organization is shared by all.   You work best in organization who fosters an environment where you enjoy serving the public and your teammates collaborate and treat each other like family. As a family, we care and respect each other and have each other’s back. We also feel comfortable with being challenged and can engage in healthy debate like family.


You find excitement in an organization that has a strong vision to inspire actions for healthy creeks and rivers and a purposeful mission committed to safe, clean, and enjoyable creeks and rivers. 


If this seems like your type, keep reading. 




You are a naturally curious person who enjoys developing and implementing insightful strategies that drive the organization’s culture. As a resource for people, you are have a talent for creating unique solutions to solve complex problems and you know how to present information so that everyone understands. You are a person who knows how to tap into your own creative genius to develop communication materials and training programs that not only incorporate information that shares meaningful information but also design elements that look clean and professional. 


You don’t get frustrated by ambiguity or the unknown, in fact, an idea and a blank canvas are all you need to start developing your next masterpiece. You have a hunger for achievement and you might even take on unique hobbies for that sake of accomplishing something new. You are energized by ideas, even the existing ones you didn’t think of, because you have the most fun when using your own the creative space to spend time improving on them. Competition is exciting to you and you find gratification in achieving what others think is impossible. 


You are a person who loves mastery. Sharing your expertise is important to you and as an agile learner you take ownership of your own personal and professional development. You are person who finds life intriguing and people often seek out your advice because you help others connect the dots. 


If this is you, keep reading.


COMPENSATION:  Salary range is $53,494.90 (DOE) plus outstanding fringe benefits which includes excellent health/vision/dental insurance packages, 401a/457b retirement program, 12 vacations days per year, 11 paid holidays per year, etc.  


If you are true ‘people person’ with an intense passion for supporting great teams and helping them thrive, click here.


Please direct any questions to Bruce Knott, Director of Human Resources, at 210-302-3631 or via email at  



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