Social Worker
Location: Cheshire

Elim Park is looking to hire a temporary full time Social Worker:

  General Description:  

 ·         Serve as the liaison between the resident/family/responsible party, the interdisciplinary team, and outside agencies concerning the resident’s program and progress for residents.

 ·         Direct the discharge planning for residents leaving the facility or transferring level of care.

 ·         Take appropriate actions to assure a continual source of payment for each resident.

 ·         Identify the social and emotional needs of the residents, and work with the interdisciplinary team to formulate plans to meet these needs.

 ·         Perform Social Service requirements as required per regulations.


Essential Job Functions:  

 ·       Assist in all aspects of greeting upon arrival, moving in, settling, and adjusting.

 ·       Provide back up to Admission staff as requested with Admission Packet completion.

 ·         Provide support and assistance to resident’s social and emotional needs in their initial adjustment to the facility, their ongoing stay, and as relates to their acceptance of their illness or injury and prognosis.

 ·         Complete Social Services initial assessment and social history including resident capacity for independence, coping, relationships, communications, and discharge potential.  Document ongoing assessments and interactions in progress notes.

 ·         Meet individually with each Resident monthly; Weekly with Hospice Residents.

 ·         Responsible for maintaining accuracy of face sheet/demographic data.

  ·         Assist resident/family/responsible party with changes in selection of physician, hospital, pharmacy as requested.

 ·         Provide counseling and crisis intervention with residents, families and as they relate with staff.

 ·         Educate residents as to their Resident Rights and Responsibilities.

 ·         Assure that residents are exercising their voting rights.

 ·         Assist residents and families/responsible party with issues related to Advanced Directives (living will, DNR).

 ·         Maintain ongoing contact with residents, families, and caregivers and address any concerns or changes promptly with the interdisciplinary team.

 ·         Coordinate the purchase of shoes per Podiatrist recommendation.

 ·         Develop referral sources and utilize appropriate community resources on behalf of the residents for in-stay programs (ie: Hospice) and discharge planning as needed.

 ·         Facilitate arrangements with POA, Trust Departments, lawyers, and conservators on behalf of residents.

 ·         Assist residents with funeral arrangements, donation of organs, and other requests as appropriate.

 ·      Communicate with commercial insurers through concurrent reviews, to obtain reauthorization or determine last date of coverage.

 ·         Assist residents and their family/responsible party with Medicare, Medicaid, other health insurance, Social Security, VA, ConnPace, "Circuit Breaker" program, banking, and interactions with the Department of Social Services as appropriate.

 ·      Apply for Representative Payee for Social Security benefits for any long term resident on Medicaid. Work with Finance department to arrange for pensions or other applied income checks to be sent directly to ElimPark.

 ·      Complete and file Medicaid or Old Age Assistance applications with resident and family.

 2.  Transfers and Discharges:

 ·         Participate in the planning of transfers or discharges with staff, resident, and family/responsible party, as appropriate.

 ·         Coordinate all aspects of discharge from facility or room transfers.

 ·         Prepare resident and family/responsible party for anticipated change.

 ·         Notify appropriate staff as to date, time and specific requirements of move.

 ·         Maintain communication with family/responsible party and involve them as appropriate.

 ·         Prepare Discharge Summary and/or appropriate transfer documents per State requirements and work with nursing staff on timely completion for a pre-noon transfer whenever possible.

 ·         Oversee arrangements for telephone, cable TV and other considerations of personal possessions and comforts as appropriate.

 3.  Resident Care Plans:

 ·         Formulate and carry out the plan of care for meeting the identified social service needs, including setting measurable goals.

 ·         Participate in Resident Care Plan meetings, and Rehabilitation Rounds.

 ·         Complete resident interviews and appropriate sections of the MDS (Minimum Data Set) based on required timelines.

 4.   Deaths: 

 ·         Provide bereavement counseling with residents and families at times of loss and as appropriate during anticipation of death.

 ·         Notify family and staff of death and funeral arrangements.

 ·         Work with funeral directors, chaplain, and/or outside minister as required.

 ·         Assist families in distribution of personal possessions.

 ·         Send sympathy cards to family following the death of a resident.

 5.   Administrative duties:

 ·         Provide periodic Saturday and holiday coverage as Manager on Duty.

 ·         Maintain flexibility in work hours to meet the needs of the residents and families.

 ·         Maintain applicable policies and procedures, and Resident Handbook manuals.

 ·         Provide In-Service training for staff annually on resident’s personal and property rights and in an area specific to the needs of the resident population.

 ·         Prepare bi-weekly report on status of Title 19 Medicaid and OAA applications and keep current on projected time of need for private pay residents. 

 ·         Attend monthly Resident Council and Resident Forum meetings and coordinate with Director of Recreation the expressed needs of residents.

 6.   Perform any other duties or responsibilities that may become necessary.


Work Area and Working Conditions:

           Entire Health Care facility

 Professional Qualifications:

          Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from a college or university accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

          Minimum two years experience in social work practice in a healthcare environment, including casework, groupwork, and involvement with community agencies.                   

          Ability to understand and communicate with, and have a genuine concern for, geriatric and psychiatric residents and their behavior.              

          Ability to exercise independent judgment.

          Experience in Electronic Medical Records preferred.

          Excellent oral and written communication skills.

          Able to deal tactfully with all types of personalities under all situations.

     Physical Requirements:

 1.      Ability to safely perform essential functions of job with or without reasonable accommodation. 

 2.      Must be able to move intermittently throughout the day.                  

 3.      Must possess strong command of English language with reading, writing, and speaking skills.

 4.   Must possess sight/hearing senses, or use prosthetics that will enable these senses to function adequately so that the requirements of this position can be fully met.

 5.   Must function independently, have personal integrity, have flexibility, and the ability to work effectively with other personnel.

 6.   Ability to cope with stress of position.

 7.   Must be in good general health and demonstrate emotional stability.

 8.   Must have a pleasant understandable speaking voice.




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