Bus Driver - (part-time)  (Part Time)
Location: Bridgeport

Safely operates bus on fixed routes for GBT accepting passengers.  Observes state and city speed and safety regulations and customer service.

Reports to garage before scheduled departure time, unless making street relief.

At start of shift, obtains route assignment and completes driver defect card.

Walks around bus to observe any visual defects and checks operating systems-brakes, horn, windshield wipers, lights, first-aid kits, emergency and door operating devices before starting trip.  Checks with dispatch operation on two-way radio, etc.

Picks up and discharges passengers at bus stops or stations following prescribed service route and safety rules.  Announces stops.  At end of route, checks interior for any forgotten personal items and removes any garbage and newspapers.

Collects fares, (one when instructed to do so) and issues transfers to go on other routes.  Answers questions about fares, routes and service.

Reports emergency or potential safety conditions to dispatcher via radio.

Completes driver observation card at completion of shift, noting items, customer complaints, or comments.  Stops bus at vault pull on route to bus garage, relieved on street.

Reports accidents immediately to dispatcher, requesting police or other service as needed.  Assists injured persons from first-aid-kit until the proper authority arrives.  Completes company accident report.

Follows instructions of supervisors

Other duties as assigned by Management staff.

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