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We put a high priority on providing excellent career opportunities and benefits. We believe that in order to take care of our customers, we have to take care of our employees as well. Our team is always looking for hard-working employees to join us in helping to deliver outstanding rail services with a priority on safety, service, and growth.



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Relief Conductor/Engineer - Hallock, MN  (Part-Time)
Location: Hallock, MN
Job Type: Conductor

Job Title: Conductor/Engineer – OSHA/MSHA                  Department: Industrial Switching               Division: Northern Plains Rail Services

Reports to: Assistant Mgr. Industrial Switching               Job Status: Part Time as needed                     Schedule: On call as needed to cover scheduled vacations, time off, leaves of absence.     

Shift: 6:45AM-4:45 PM or 4:45 PM-12:45AM   

Pay: $25/hour        

* Exierence required *


Receives, relays, and /or acts upon oral or written instructions, to ensure proper placement of locomotives and cars.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities at NPRC are, but are not limited to:

  • Knows and understands the requirements of FRA & OSHA/MSHA Rules and Regulations.
  • Oral communication via train radio with Operations Manager and train crews.
  • Will ensure Daily Track Reports are accurate and both shifts are working as a team to compile information needed for the following report.
  • Accountable for compliance of all operating rules, policies and guidelines.
  • Must be capable of obtaining and keeping current conductor certification (FRA requirement-site specific).
  • Read and interpret orders, schedules, and other written instructions received from the train dispatcher and discuss their contents with other crew members.
  • Perform switching, assembling and disassembling of trains.
  • Properly and safely engage/release hand brakes and operate rail yard switches. 
  • Inspects couplings and air hoses to ensure they are securely fastened.
  • Attend rules and safety classes and ensure all rules are followed as directed by the Company, FRA, and other governing agencies.
  • Inspects freight cars, locomotives, and other equipment to ensure compliance with FRA and Company rules.
  • Monitor gauges or meters that measure speed, amperage, battery charge, or air pressure in brake lines or in main reservoirs.
  • Observe tracks to detect and report obstructions.
  • Utilizes/understand hand signals, two-way radios and cell phones for communication with other train crew members and dispatchers.
  • Inspect locomotives before, during, and after each run to check fuel levels, supplies, and mechanical problems.
  • Prepares accurate reports as required by the Company, FRA, and other governing agencies.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the Company.
  • Trains run day and night, so shift flexibility is a must.  Shifts may include morning, afternoon, evening, and overnight. Overtime, weekend, and holiday hours may also be required.



To perform this job successfully at NPRC, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies:

        2+ years Qualified Conductor experience, preferred.

        Thorough knowledge of FRA requirements specific to the operation and movement of trains.


        Basic problem solving and root cause analytics.

        Interpersonal skills; ability to solve conflict; ability to balance team and individual responsibilities.

        Strong oral and written communication; ability to speak and write clearly and informatively.

        Ability to maintain professionalism and approach others in a tactful manner.

        Communicate with customer and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

        Work with Track Inspector & Project supervisor to plan weekly inspections and coordinate any immediate maintenance needs as it relates to the customer.  

        Receive calls and develop best means and methods for emergency track repair including safety action plans.

        Ability to react well under pressure in high-stressed situations; accept responsibility for own actions.

        Dependability and follow through on commitments; consistently at work on time.

        Observe all safety and security procedures; determine appropriate action beyond guidelines; report potentially unsafe conditions; use equipment and materials properly.

        Ability to judge the speed and distances of objects or moving parts. 

        Strong attention to detail and safety procedures; ability to maintain focus for the entirety of the shift.

        Capability of being on call and work 12 hour shifts; days off may vary week to week.

        Ability to build harmonious relationships with your colleagues, customers and supervisors. 

  • Ability to apply principles of rational systems to solve practical problems.
  • Interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagrammatic, or schedule form.

        Valid driver’s license.


Physical Demands:

NPRC may make reasonable accommodations to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the physical demands listed below:

·         Continuous: Balancing, bending, climbing ladders-ascend/descend, crouching, driving, hearing & vision, reaching above & below shoulder level, sitting, stairs-ascend/descend, standing, twisting & walking. Lift & carry hand tools-shovel, broom, lantern, etc. less than 10 lbs.

·         Frequent: Lift & carry back pack snow blower 20-40 lbs.

·         Occasional: Kneeling, push/pull.

·         Rare: Lift & carry knuckles & End-of Train Device over 50 lbs. Crawling, jogging & stooping.

·         Ability to talk and hear accurately in person, via the telephone, or via two-way radio. 

·         Must be able to exert a negligible amount of force constantly. 

·         Ability to step on and off equipment safely and work and balance from ladders to perform tasks. 

·         Ability to walk the length of trains on uneven ground and safely ride the side of railcars. 

·         Must possess at least 20/40 in each eye with or without corrective lenses. 

·         Must be able to recognize and distinguish colors displayed by signals, signs, etc. 

·         Must possess an average hearing threshold (in the better ear) of 40db at 500HZ, 1000HZ, and 2000HZ, aided or unaided.

·         Exposed to loud noises.

·         Exposed to live track/trains/high voltage/moving equipment.

·         Must be able to perform manual labor in all types of harsh weather conditions outside on or near railroad tracks with most of the day spend on feet, including very hot and very cold weather.

·         Must wear safety equipment required by NPRSS while performing duties, including safety glasses, hard hats, safety footwear, and hearing protection.

·         May be required to operate track machinery under Track Foreman’s supervision.

·         Inspect all track structures and anything likely to endanger or delay train movements.

·         Make minor repairs and assist in coordinating and making emergency repairs.

·         Detect and report changing track conditions.



·         Continuous: Exposure to and works in hot/cold temperatures, on-call, works outside, exposure to noise, , vibration, walk on uneven or slippery surface, works with others, moving machinery & shift work.

·         Frequent: Exposure to dust/smoke & fumes/odors/grease/oil & stand on concrete.

·         Occasional: Exposure to electrical hazards, travel required, & works in wet conditions.

·         Rare: Works in cramped quarters, works inside, works alone, money handling, chemicals & toxic materials.


Education and Training:

  • GED or higher
  • Must have and maintain an insurable driving status which includes but is not limited to NPR driver provisions.


This job description is not intended to represent a complete, comprehensive list of all duties and responsibilities that may be required in this position. There may be unplanned activities and other duties assigned.


NPR is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or status as a protected veteran, or any other characteristic protected under local, state, or federal statute, ordinance, or regulation.

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