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We put a high priority on providing excellent career opportunities and benefits. We believe that in order to take care of our customers, we have to take care of our employees as well. Our team is always looking for hard-working employees to join us in helping to deliver outstanding rail services with a priority on safety, service, and growth.



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Utility Mechanic WILL TRAIN- Lansford, ND  (Full-Time)
Location: Lansford, ND
Job Type: Mechanic

Job Description: Utility Mechanic                           Department: Motive Power                           Division: Northern Plains Railroad            Reports to: Motive Power Manger                                                                                                       Job Status: Full Time                         Schedule: Varies. M-F - 06:00-1500 with additional hours as necessary. Travel required 30% as needed. Weekend work may be required but will be limited.   

Pay: $25-28/hr BOS


Diesel mechanics at Northern Plains Rail Companies are responsible for the inspection, repair and maintenance of the locomotive engine.Service and clean locomotives and perform a variety of support and activities in locomotive and car repair areas. Maintain and repair railroad rolling stock.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities at NPRC are, but are not limited to:

·         Perform daily, routine & periodic inspecting, servicing of all diesel electric locomotive engines as well as mechanical components in compliance with company, industry and federal standards.

·         Daily inspect various mechanical systems (air brake, fuel, and lubrication) and locomotive components (wheels, trucks, cabs, and internal diesel engine parts); inspect for unusual sounds, vibrations, smells, and small changes in the visual appearance of materials or objects.

  • Daily ensuring the proper handling of all testing and repair tools.

·         Daily assess nature of problem and determine needed corrective action; make judgments concerning seriousness of defects and damage, (grease couplings and fittings, change oil and filters, replace brake shoes and filters, adjust brake cylinder piston travel); replace locomotive and diesel engine components (wheels on trucks, traction motors); repair locomotive parts (cracked engine blocks, truck frames) requiring use of machine tools and welding equipment; re-bore and hone cylinders  and other operations requiring use of lathes, grinders; disassemble engine and other components and clean parts.

  • Daily inspect wheels, trucks, cab, and internal diesel engine parts, inspect for usual smells, overheating, and small changes in the visual appearance of objects/materials.
  • Daily must wear prescribed safety apparel.
  • Take appropriate action when conditions threaten safety of self or coworkers.
  • Daily ensure equipment and work area are in safe operating condition before starting work.
  • Daily read and comply with all train orders, signals, railroad rules, and regulation.
  • Maintaining records of servicing and engine repairs as scheduled.

·         Maintaining inventory of spare parts and placing necessary orders as necessary.

  • Performing repairs to locomotive and rail cars, including cleaning.
  • Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul railroad rolling stock.
  • Assemble parts of car in jig and apply sides, ends, floors, doors to freight cars.
  • Paint cars and car components and stencil letters and numbers on cars.
  • Fasten parts of car using impact wrench or hydraulic bolt fastener for riveting.
  • Remove, repair, or replace all parts of trucks.
  • Remove and replace brake assemblies and brake shoes.
  • Repair or replace steel sections such as side posts, rafters, crossties, panels, under framing, and piping using welding torch, electric welder, power wrench, and hand tools.
  • Replace and/or repair gaskets, air hose, train line, etc., as required.
  • Straighten and/or replace grab irons, handholds, still steps on cars.
  • Maintain, repair or replace air brake pipes, valves, fitting, or other appurtenances.
  • Remove and replace couplers, draft gears, and yokes.
  • Clean and prepare surfaces of railroad cars or cabooses to be painted.
  • Repair freight car sides, ends, doors, and floors by burning, straightening or patching.
  • Pull, push, and position heavy equipment or car components when making or completing repairs.
  • Perform emergency track repairs and other work associated with wreck service on the railroad (e.g., placing blocking where necessary, hooking up chains and cables, placing outriggers).
  • Adjust loads on car with assistance of overhead crane and/or crane truck.
  • Rerail cars and locomotives by installing rerailers to rail and slewing freight car trucks with motive power or jacks.
  • Ability to throw/align a switch.

·         Ability to be trained as track mobile operator and/or groundman.





To perform this job successfully at NPRC, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Sound understanding of using all repair tools, equipment, and machinery.
  • Good mechanical background is recommended.
  • Welding experience preferred.
  • Be able to read and understand safety rules, methods and practices and work procedures.


Physical Demands:

NPRC may make reasonable accommodations to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the physical demands listed below:

·         Continuous:  Walking, standing for long periods of time and balancing.

·         Frequent:  Driving, hearing & vision, kneeling, ascend/descend ladders and stairs, stooping, twisting, push/pull tools & equipment.

·         Occasional:  Sitting, bending, lifting, climbing, crawling, crouching, reaching, and reaching above & below shoulder. Must be able to lift & carry 10-50 lbs. occasionally. Throw/align a switch.

·         Rare: Lift & carry over 50 lbs.

·         May require travel to various facilities and provide additional services.



·         Continuous:Exposuretoelectricalhazards,standonconcrete,workswithothers,concentration,eye/handcoordination.

·         Frequent:Worksincrampedquarters,exposuretodust& smoke, fumes,odors,grease,oil,worksinhot&coldtemperatures,travelrequired&on-call,worksinside&outside,noise,wetconditions,problemsolving,oral&writtencommunications,organization,interpersonalskills,perception,creativity,workingwithinterruptions,worksonfeet-footpedals,dexteritywithfingering-picking,pinching,calculator,andhandling,holding&grasping. Preparesreports.

·         Occasional:Exposuretochemicals,vibration,walkonunevenorslipperysurface,worksalone,workswithmovingmachinery,analyticalability&calculating,repetitiveflexion/rotationwristmotion.

·         Rare:Exposuretotoxicmaterials,shiftwork&moneyhandling.


Education and Training:

  • GED or higher

·         2 years mechanical experience 

·         Valid driver’s license: Must have and maintain an insurable driving status which includes but is not limited to NPR driver provisions.

·         Must have and maintain an insurable driving status which includes but is not limited to NPR driver provisions.


This job description is not intended to represent a complete, comprehensive list of all duties and responsibilities that may be required in this position. There may be unplanned activities and other duties assigned.


NPR is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or status as a protected veteran, or any other characteristic protected under local, state, or federal statute, ordinance, or regulation.

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