Ygomi LLC builds and operates companies that deliver innovative software and services for essential business needs. Ygomi currently operates three information and communications technology companies that develop and commercialize leading-edge solutions in areas including technical support for multi-location enterprises, vehicle telematics and multimedia, and wireless signal processing software. Headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota, Ygomi and its companies serve leading corporations around the world, with approximately 500 employees across Europe, Asia, and the U.S.

The Ygomi companies are:

  • ArrayComm
    ArrayComm leads the global wireless voice and data communications industry in multi-antenna signal (MAS) processing software and physical layer solutions for WiMAX and LTE wireless infrastructure and client device applications. Incorporated with customers’ equipment, ArrayComm’s A-MAS™ software provides greater speed, capacity, and coverage to improve economics and service for both operators and end users of wireless broadband.
  • Connexis
    Connexis works with vehicle manufacturers and tier-1 multimedia suppliers to deliver a full range of automotive support services. Connexis is supporting major vehicle manufacturers in the planning, launch, and market support of electric vehicles (EVs), and is providing the application store for the next generation of multimedia systems using semi-open platforms. Connexis technology enables delivery of telematics services via any communications protocol, and through built-in devices or mobile phones. Connexis solutions can improve road safety, the driver experience, and the environment.
  • SEI
    Delivering top-quality call center services including technical support, customer acquisition, and customer retention for leading companies worldwide, SEI supports industry leaders in consumer products, computer software, quick-service restaurants, and vehicle manufacturing.


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